Autumn Season - The Most Romantic Time Of The Year In Hanoi

Autumn -The Season Of Romance And Memories

A cool wind begins to blow in, the sky is brilliant blue, milk flower arrives with a subtle fragrance, and yellow leaves are scattered on the street. Autumn has come to Hanoi.


Autumn Ha Noi LUU HONG HA

Autumn is the transcendent season in Hanoi (Photo: Luu Hong Ha)

This is the most wondrous time in Hanoi with the nostalgic and harmonious feeling. Romantic autumn season in Hanoi has always resonated deep feelings on those who fall in love with the one-thousand-year-old capital city.


The romantic scenery


Autumn Season -  The Most Romantic Time Of The Year In Hanoi (Photo:

The romantic beauty of autumn season has become an endless inspiration for poets and musicians. In this season, the leaves of huge trees gradually turn red, reddish or yellow then slowly fall down. And the weather is fresh with slight breeze and gentle sunlight.

Walking around the streets of Hanoi, your soul will fly away with the breeze and luxuriate in the warm sunshine.


Milk Flower Blossom

Milk flowers

The fragrance of milk flower becomes an unforgettable memory about autumn season (Photo:

Milk flower which means hoa sữa in Vietnamese language is the signature flower of autumn in Hanoi. The trees are planted along streets and parks, creating a pleasant atmosphere. These clusters of tiny  flowers often hide behind the leaves and perfume long streets by its passionate scent. It brings a romantic atmosphere and makes you feel like fall in love.

Green Sticky Rice

Green Rice Com Vong Huy Linh

Enjoy green sticky rice, you will feel the soul of the falling season (Photo: Internet)

Green sticky rice, especially from Vong village, is an especially delicious gift of autumn season. It is  made from premature young rice and packed inside lotus leaves. The fragrance of lotus leaf makes it increasingly cool, sweet and soft. In the eyes of local people, without the green sticky rice rice grabbed in lotus leaves, the flavors of Hanoi’s autumn would be faded.


Fresh fruits


Dracontomelon creates the distinctive flavor of the autumn in Hanoi (Photo: Internet)

You can find fresh fruits of autumn season in the baskets of roadside vendors on Hanoi streets, especially ripe persimmon and ripe dracontomelon fruit.  Dracontomelon might be peeled and then sugared or salted to create a favorite treat for many people. And ripe persimmon is one of the signs of the autumn season. When the skin of persimmon turns a glossy yellow or orange, and the pulp is crispy and sweet.

Autumn comes fast and then leaves soon.  This falling season likes a beautiful dream with the fragrances in the air, the soft warmth of the sunlight, the falling leaves,  and the roadside vendors on Hanoi streets. Living slowly to appreciate the beauty of life, you might fall in love with the most romantic times in Hanoi.

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