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Juice aseptic packaging process:

Aseptic packaging is used more and more widely, from packaging liquids to fluids, semi-fluids, and pastes; from general fruit juices to milk, tea, vegetable juices, soups, alcohol, water, and liquid medicines. Aseptic packaging technology is a kind of packaging technology that fills and seals in a sterile environment under the condition that the packaging, packaged goods, and packaging auxiliary equipment are all sterile.

Aseptic packaging technology makes the packaged product without preservatives. It can be stored for six months or more without deterioration under normal temperature conditions without deterioration. It also has low energy consumption, less material consumption, low manufacturing cost, and high packaging efficiency. , Good economic benefits and light weight, and waste packaging can be recycled and other advantages, suitable for long-distance transport.

Juice aseptic packaging is a packaging system in which aseptic juices, packaging containers and packaging auxiliary materials are placed in an aseptic environment and filled and sealed with an aseptic filling machine. Fruit juice foods are sterilized at high temperatures and then reduced to temperatures of 20°C to 30°C to achieve aseptic requirements.

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